A1 & A2

      A1 LICENSE

This training course is completed using a 125cc motorcycle for a 17 year old + to have a full motorcycle license allowing you to ride aSuper-bike with rider. Vector grunge background illustration. motorcycle not exceeding 14.6 BHP.

After 2 years you can upgrade your license to A2 (a motorcycle up to 46.6 BHP) by completing a further practical test on a larger machine.

You must have a valid CBT & DSA Theory test certificate before you can take this course.

Once ready for your test you will need to attend a Module 1 motorcycle test & Module 2 test.

Module 1 is a pre-set test where you will need to complete a series of off road manoeuvres at the DSA test centre. This takes about 15 minutes. We would recommend 1 days training with us to prepare, where we can simulate the layout of the test.

Module 2 Test is a 50 minute assessed ride conducted by the DSA. We would recommend 2/3 days training prior to this and we can make all the necessary arrangements for you, so that your tests are done straight after your training.     Young man and his motorbike


This category is taken on a motorcycle between 33BHP and 46.6BHP. Once successfully completed you will have a full license to ride a motorcycle not exceeding 46.6BHP.

After 2 years you can upgrade/progress your license to a category A (un-restricted) by completing a further practical test on a motorcycle of at least 53.6BHP.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.