South West Motorcycle Training will get you riding safely with the licence you need to hit the open road on two wheels…

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Our company ethos is to deliver a high standard of training, to be committed to road safety and also enjoying the ride!


We’ve been riding bikes both on and off road for a long time, also coming from a teaching and assessing background we have all the skills to ensure you get what you need from our services.


Training services

What we offer :


  • Compulsory Basic Training                             (CBT currently conducted in Weymouth due to DSA approved sites, expanding in 2015)


  • Compulsory Basic Training + Roadcraft (CBT + extra day for inexperienced road users)


  • Motorcycle test training, Staged/Progressive Access & Direct Access (DAS) -Module 1 training for categories A1, A2 & A.


  • Module 2 training for categories A1, A2 & A.


  • Back to Biking


  • Hourly sessions to suit any budget 


  • Taster sessions 


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Areas We Cover

It all depends on what motorbike lessons you are looking for, as CBT training requires specific DSA approved sites, whereas A1 A2 & Direct Access motorcycle training has the freedom to go wherever we choose!







Frequently Asked Questions

Can I learn to motorcycle in Dorset?

Yes! You don’t need to be away from home.


What is the cost of CBT?

Our cheap CBT cost is £95!


How much does CBT licence cost?

The certificate you receive after training gets you your licence therefore its just the one off £95!


How much does a moped test cost?

You have to complete the CBT course to ride a moped – £95!


Do you teach motorcycle compulsory basic training?

Yes! Its often referred to as CBT.

What’s new?

What can you ride ?



Look for your motorcycle licence:




CBT DORSET – Cbt Weymouth                           Direct Access Weymouth

                       Cbt Portland                             Direct Access Portland

                       Cbt Dorchester                          Direct Access Dorchester

                       Cbt Bridport                             Direct Access Bridport

                                                                        Direct Access Poole

                                                                        Direct Access Bournemouth

                                                                        Direct Access Yeovil

Please contact us regarding other areas.



Do you teach moped licence / scooter licence / scooter training / motorbike training / motorbike CBT / CBT motorbike training / DAS training / Direct Access bike training / motorcycle DAS course?

Yes! Yes! Yes! All of the above!


Do you offer the cheapest motorbike CBT?

We believe so! Please feel free to check around.


Do you offer cheap motorcycle training / cheap motorbike lessons?

Yes we do! Our prices are very competitive, we don’t think you’ll find them cheaper!


Can you complete my CBT bike test / moped test / scooter test / 125cc bike test?

Yes! We’ll complete it and give you your certificate.


Is your motorbike training school qualified?

Absolutely. Our trainers go through rigorous training and are tested and approved by the Driving Standards Agency.